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Project Description
Building a large set of InfoPath Templates? Bored of the repetive stsadm commands to deploy an online form?

This tool will allow you to submit InfoPath Form Templates asynchronously from any client or server and be notified of any errors, warnings, or successful submissions.

This program is made up of a client and a server. The client program polls the directory where the InfoPath form templates are saved. You can pick which template to publish, which server to publish to and which script to run on the server. The server is a combination of a set of web services, a windows service and a database. The Template is copied to the server via the web service and the status is tracked in the database. The windows service polls the database and issues commands (e.g. Stsadm commands) Finally the client displays the status and notifies the user of errors, warnings and if the form is sucessfully submitted.

The documentation is outstanding. Will update presently.

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